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Pamela Turner, teacher from Nashville accused of 3 month affair with student

pamalea turner and her former husbandWTF? Pamela, have you lost your mind? Apparently the affair started off in a chat room, she told him "I think you're cute" and he responded "I think you're hot"... And with all the smoothness a 13 year old could muster, that rotten little boy seduced the 1997 Ms Monday Nitro turned gym teacher before she knew what happened. At least that is the rumor.. read on, or if you just want to see the pictures, scroll down.

The teacher from Warren county, Tennessee is out on $50,000 bail and has been charged with 13 counts of statutory rape and 15 counts of sexual battery as a result of the allegations of having sex with the boy, which supposedly occured at schoool and at the kid's home. If convicted she faces 100 years in prison.

The honest to gods truth is I have no idea if she did it or not, and she has been charged very heavily... if it is true, then she deserves whatever she gets. When the other teacher was busted for having sex with a 14 year old student, I kind of thought "What the hell, when I was 14 I would have hit it ina heart beat!". The truth is, 14 was pushing it a little bit, Debra Lafave honestly deserves whatever she gets as well. What the fuck is this world coming to? Here's some more links and info from the story.

Since this teacher is now a celebrity and you are reading it, you may be interested in this link.

From the new york post:

pamela turner booking photoBut the teenager was hardly an unwilling participant, according to his friend. "He loved every minute of it," Grissom says. "He's a little pimp."

Grissom said his pal dumped a girlfriend his own age to spend more time with Turner. Grissom spent one afternoon with Turner and his pal together in their school where Turner admitted to Grissom she had sex with his friend.
"We were in the gym and she asked me, 'Did [the boy] tell you we had sex?' I said yes and she said, 'We did.' "

Grissom was shocked, but didn't say any more to Turner about the situation. He claims that soon after, Turner began calling his best friend "five to six" times a night, but his pal was simply having fun. "He was in it for the sex," Grissom said.

pam turner, teahcer sex and celebrity statusThe boy's mom says the vixen teacher stayed over at their house a few times during the affair with her son claiming her water heater was broken in the house she was renting nearby. She moved there after Chris Turner filed for divorce on Jan. 14 for "improper marital conduct." "She was very charming," the teen's mother says. "I had no reason not to trust her."

But word spread like wildfire around Centertown, and cops got an anonymous tip.

Billy Medley, owner of Medley's Diner across from Turner's school, said the boy with whom Turner allegedly had sex "is no ordinary 13-year-old." "He was probably shaving in the seventh grade," Medley said. "He's about 5-foot-9 and he hangs out with an older crowd. You wouldn't think he was 13." The boy's mom has pulled him out of school, saying he'll go back "only if and when he is ready."


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