Fleshlight modification for supreme self gratification!

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Ok, time for another tutorial! The last one involved balloons, I demonstrated how to make your very own vagina using nothing more than household items. After recieving much praise and thanks from single, frustrated, horny guys all over the globe, I naturaly decided that anytime I could make a contribution to society again, I would - and here it is.

You know how after a great night of sweaty hot sex, you might wake up and smile to yourself as you remember the filthy animal bent over doggystyle while you rammed your cock between her swollen lips and made animalistic grunts and howls? Then you wake up in the morning and see her laying in your bed, snoring softly, hair a mess, and on rare occasion she's the same color, size and shape you thought she was... I smiled that smile this morning as I rolled out of bed and saw my fleshlight laying on the floor. "Damn you were good last night!"

Personally, I have had about 10-15 different artificial vaginas, ranging in price from $10 to $80. Hey, it's cheaper than a crackwhore and you can re-use it! If you think it's weird, ask yourself this: Is it weird for a woman to use a dildo? A male masturbator is nothing more than the male version of a dildo, and nothing to be ashamed of. I guess in some cases, a male version of a dildo actualy is a dildo, but I digress...

Anywho - as I was saying. I have owned various brands and versions of masturbators, and as you can guess after reading the balloon tutorial, I have experimented with many many ways to make my own contraptions - from vacuum cleaners to shampoo bottles. Nothing compares to the fleshlight!

You will need a few things for this one, the first is a fleshlight. You'll also need a bag of good coffee, duct tape, and some kind of knife, drill or a well trained beaver.

The fleshlight has a cap on the end that you can unscrew very easily to adjust air pressure. When you are using your fleshlight, it inevitably takes on air and if you want to let it out to get more suction, you simply unscrew the cap a little way, shove your dick all the way in, and then screw it tight again.

A good bag of coffee has a little valve on it that allows you to squeeze the bag and force air out of it. The valve only allows air to go out, not back in. As I was making my coffee the other morning, I squeezed the air out of the bag prior to replacing it in the fridge... and a light bulb went off in my twisted mind. You remember the best blowjob you ever had? Imagine if that girl could breathe through her ears, how much better would it have been? Yeeeeeeeeah, that's what I am TALKING about! Here ya go.

First, cut that little valve off the bag.

Now, using a knife, drill, or your well trained beaver, prepare the end cap from the fleshlight by making a hole slightly smaller in diameter than the valve, as such.

Insert the valve into your newly modified fleshlight end cap. It should fit snug!

Using the duct tape, tape around the outside of the valve - do not cover the hole in the middle, that's what will let the air out and make your experience worth dying for!

The rest should be self explanatory, but just in case... screw the cap back on your fleshlight, lube that dirty bitch up and go to town! Anytime a little bit of air gets in the fleshlight, the valve will release it as you thrust your meatstick in, and when you are on the outstroke it will feel like you are being sucked by a nitrous oxide powered hoover vacuum cleaner with a turbo charger!

We just made something great... even better. Happy spanking!


This tutorial brought to you by Sex, Beer, and Alterra Coffee - the stuff is like liquid crack!

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